26 things at 26…

Today is my birthday…. Yes you heard right. I am just walking briefly out of an existential crisis to share a few random thoughts that crossed my mind at 26.

Apparently a real lady doesn’t share her age… I am currently not sure if I am… but here are 26 things you can consider…



  1. Simple things in life are the most enjoyable
  2. Taxes are a bitch
  3. What is marriage?
  4. Religion is only important if it transforms your life
  5. Life is overrated
  6. Be nice to everyone
  7. Long distance relationships are hella hard
  8. Just start… everything else will fall into place after that
  9. Everyone is winging it…nobody really knows your truth
  10. Family is as beautiful as it is ugly
  11. Parenting is hard
  12. Travel as much as you can
  13. Sunsets are beautiful
  14. You can chose family
  15. Toxicity is so real,..Also toxic people are not inherently bad they are just not good for you
  16. Vegetables are better not cooked
  17. Show affection….hold hands with bae
  18. Kiss as often as you can. PDA is so important and cool
  19. Vulnerability is everything…
  20. Its okay to receive weird stares… especially when you are doing what you love


Shared the last six points on my this Instagram post.



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