March gratitude diary

We are one quarter in 2019… And just like January and February… We still come here to recap this month and highlight a couple of things that we are grateful for…

So this month had me mostly in an existential crisis which happens often just before my birthday… And so I was in and out of feeling lost and not being able to make choices… I also experienced a lot of self doubt which had me questioning a lot of my life choices… Still processing bits of this. I am really thankful that this uncertainty and confusion hasn’t led me to feel depressed… And I have been able to effectively deal with my low days in healthy ways.

That aside though, this month I was able to go to one more location that I haven’t been to albeit for a short while. I hope to visit and explore again… And possibly create content off it.

I was also on top of my physical wellness and eating well with the exception of four days around my birthday which I had more chocolate fudge than I would like to admit.

A few days later, I developed symptoms of anaemia and eventually found out that my haemoglobin levels were low which had me reevaluating my diet and having B look into my health a little more. We are currently still struggling with the situation

But I am grateful and at peace ✌️.

If you missed though here is the March reading list.

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5. My 2019 skin care routine

6 OOTD… All striped up

love and love


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Just a girl. passionate about life, love, art, architecture and HIM. In all things give thanks.

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