Sandy toes x salty kisses

*Cues second quarter of the year*. Getting into this space a little weather beaten and extremely tired… But my mind is fairly active albeit the state of my physical body. This month we get to hang out a little more… And talk hair hopefully. But first…

I got a little surprise delivery from B last month… Which shouldn’t be a big deal except: we don’t usually do a lot of surprise gifting and also, its my best friend. It was this cute infinity dress from Vivo which is a store that I absolutely love. I will spare you the fashion details by sending you to their website right here

And because I am not particularly cultured enough to wear this to a dinner date… and I get social anxiety during events… I took my dress, which is called Janice by the way, to the beach for a little twirl… So here is Janice and me… Doing our little fashion show.


The quality is fantastic… I just have to say that. They didn’t pay me to say it, though it would be amazing if they did.

Love and love,


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