April Gratitude Diary

So it happened… Yup, I broke down and along with it came a break in consistency on the blog.

The weird thing about this breakdown, was that it was preceded by an actual physical breakdown. Dizziness and extreme bouts of fatigue got my system all jacked up…


Which paved way to some emotional and mental downward spiral. Everything from self doubt to blame to impostor syndrome is what I have been dealing with this month.

So I took a break… A break to build my hemoglobin levels, to eat well and try to sleep well… Perhaps learn a skill or two as you saw in this post and this one.



Nonetheless, grateful for basic things that make life more meaningful… Like a good nights sleep… For grapes and apples and tofu…

And for hugs that I will get in the next eight days..

How have you been?

Love and love


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