It’s so hard!!

I like to think of myself as a body positive advocate… Or at least I try to enjoy my body and love every inch of my being.

Another thing I do which isn’t quite related to that is… I edit my own content that I post here and up in Instagram (which you should follow by the way if you don’t already do.)

So just today (the day I write this) as I was editing this set of pictures I was really nit picking parts of my body that I didn’t like…and wishing they were something else. After editing about two images my mind was figuratively hyperventilating…and all the body insecurity just came back.DSC_0178 bnwDSC_0178

Of course that’s the point where you shut your computer and literally take a break from yourself. You see, as much as you keep your head high and love your body there’s days that you wake up and you feel so fat and unattractive. Sometimes its prompted by external factors….but sometimes your just lose sight of who you are or you pressure yourself to look a certain way.DSC_0211 bnwDSC_0211

I guess I just want to say that we all struggle with self perception and it gets hard to stay on top of things all the time. But I am learning to slowly be patient with myself and my body and my progress. Hope you like it too.

love and love


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