One year in

I don’t know if you remember this post here, just after I had said yes to the love of my life for the umpteenth time 😂… Well it’s one year later, and because I purposed to be a lot more grateful and cognisant of small wins… I just added that date to my list of anniversaries…

So I was reflecting on the growth and how far we have grown corporately and individually. It’s amazing to see the strides that we have made, and yes I have enjoyed every moment of being engaged I may just hold on to it for a little longer (ps: it’s not like anything changed significantly)

The feeling and attitude that crowns it all and that overwhelms me when I think about it all is gratitude… I am extremely grateful that I get the chance (a very rare one as I am coming to learn) of doing life with my best friend and someone I truly enjoy spending time with.

I am grateful for the emotional growth and understanding that we have come to have for each other and the support that we give to each other’s dreams and ambitions.

I am grateful for the regard we give to each other as human beings that transcends all the biases that society feeds and throws at us…and having the understanding that the other person is a soul that Jesus died for.

Most of all, grateful for the love that we have that sees the best in each other.

Happy engage-versary


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