A little feelings

This is a quick write… As I am waiting for my bff/resident photographer to be ready so that we can go shoot. I haven’t shot in a little over a month so I am kinda nervous…

See being in front of a camera and allowing it to see you… Is a nerve wrecking or can be nerve wrecking. It’s almost a game of chance…. and it’s always not given that your vision will transfer to paper… And it can be so nerve wrecking.

But that’s not even why I am nervous… This month has been one of those where all I see in my body is fat, breakouts and fupas. I have even looked at my hair and hated it… It wasn’t shiny enough or curl like *insert name*’s hair…

And I have been finding more things not to like than to like about myself…

Still haven’t resolved it yet.. Hence all the feelings… I just needed to say… We all have this days.

Love and love


4 thoughts on “A little feelings

  1. We all have those days. Mine centre around my skin and it’s scars, my hair being unflattering and unmanageable, my weight, my clothes not being fashionable enough… but the reality is we never look as bad as we think we do.


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