June Gratitude Diary

I usually call this series of posts gratitude diary because… I reflect on my month… Then come up with high and low moments as a way to remind myself that: life is moving… And to be thankful for situations that may otherwise be buried in the complexity of life… It also serves as my reflection point to my vision board and how well we are doing in that regard.

If you didn’t spotlast month’s gratitude diaryand the previous one… Be sure to check them out.

So, this month was my life’s version of Murphys law… I literally lived it out. This included some really big plans that never went through as I had actually visualized and planned… But went down none the less….

Then B and I planned to travel and we were supposed to reserve a place to stay… Which we delayed to do and it sold out… So no holiday🙁.

Other than that, B was on leave so we hang around for quite a bit together…. And had a bunch of friends over and the connection and reconnecting was amazing…

This month also as I outlined here, my insecurities and all their cousins showed up… I don’t think that I have hated my body this much in a while… Slowly working back to being in love with it… Still working on it…

How was June?

Love and love,


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