Reclaiming my positive space

When you set resolutions, the plan is usually to keep them. its almost a declaration of steps you want to take to make your life a little better. Basically to become a better human being. As the year progresses, life deals you a number… issues get in the way and you slowly forgot what you had set your mind to. taking that into account, I have found it important and extremely necessary to have mini reviews quarterly and a mid year review to center yourself  and slowly return your eyes on the goal.

After one  such session… the major review, I came up with a few points to recenter myself that you may find useful. Consider this your mid-year reminder of self care… *ps: I do weekly self care reminders on Instagram….which you may find useful.  Here are my four points

  • Meaningful interactions…

The first half of the year was my taking inventory months and really figuring out how I felt and saw aspects of my life in view of the bigger picture that is the future. So for the next six months, I am investing my time an efforts in interactions that are growth inducing and making me better . This is usually such a difficult process, especially because sometimes nostalgia blinds our view of how certain relationships may not be beneficial to us.

taking time to be still puts things into perspective
  • Honest conversation

I have particularly become very cautious of my mental health and more especially the precautionary measures that I should take not to get into a dark space emotionally. Taking up conversations about my likes, dislikes, insecurities and being able to call out toxic elements in conversations is something I am particularly taking  up in the next six months and hopefully in the long run.

having honest conversations does help form authentic friendships
  • Physical activity

Taking up exercise on a more consistent basis is one of the best things that I did in the past three months. There is truly something in the sweat and my body is thanking me profusely. The amazing thing, is also how you not only feel good physically but also mentally…. its my second stress relieving activity after talking to someone (read as B)

taking up physical activity is one of the best decisions I made
  • Rest

I cannot stress this enough especially because as I type this, I have a bout of exhaustion… Rest is absolutely important and it seems that I kinda forgot about this. Allowing the body to repair and regenerate itself makes you more productive and alert to take on your goals.

rest is not only important for your physical but also your mental wellbeing

How do you reclaim your positive space?

love and love


2 thoughts on “Reclaiming my positive space

  1. A huge mistake I’ve been making is reading your blog from instead of from the site. It’s so much prettier on the site! Whaaaat?!

    Great pointers with bomb pics as usual 😊. I should really start exercising for my mental health too.


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