July ’19 gratitude Diary

This post should have been written and edited last week… But I chose to send out a newsletter instead… And if you missed that, you need to subscribe to my blog via mail… Because every month we get to interact on a more personal level. Think about it like you and I get to be bffs… Cool right?

So as has been tradition on here… We have a gratitude diary at the end of each month for purposes of stock taking… In fact here is June’s diary and May

This month was a good recovery month from what June was to me… And apart from the last week, has been pretty smooth. For starters, I got back to having an active physical routine that has been working and I got a workout buddy too… I also started yoga classes with Wendy as my instructor… She is the plug and you need to check her out.

I also took up journalling… And did a 21 day challenge inspired by prompts from Raushannah on Instagram (BTW I share a lot of everyday musings here… You may want to be part of it)… And it has made me dig into myself a little more and be intentional about certain aspects of my life.

A side effect of the challenge was getting my act together… Being more neat and present which I enjoyed this month too. Did a great deal of saving and finally having a debt settlement plan for my government debts 😂 (KRA is a pain guys).

I did on the flip side suffer from emotional and by extension physical exhaustion which I largely attribute to the absence of physical presence of B because even not-so-long distance relationships are pretty challenging….

How has your July been?

Love and love,


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