Ways to make your salon experience more amazing

Remember this post where I talked about not so nice things that I have experienced in my salon visits. This week, i have a few pointers n how you can make the salon experience better. Thanks to the ladies at Nurtured Knotts on Facebook for adding to the knowledge base of this particular post and sharing your experiences.

So as we established salons are not inherently bad, its just that as someone put it, getting well trained and skilled hands is an extreme spot. So bearing this in mind, and the fact that that is the place we are most likely to find professionals… here are a few things you can do to improve your experience.

Find a good reviewed hair stylist
Being part of a natural hair forum can be helpful in guiding you to choosing the right stylist. The ladies in those forums always highlight amazing services they receive in different places and drop contacts. This will save you a ton of time and headaches as someone already became your guinea pig. This information however, varies from person to person as our scalps have different tolerances and sensitivities. I have visited a couple of hairstylist and salons only to be disappointed.

The bun… A real go to hairstyle
  • Speak up

Make your wishes known to the stylist of the day, how you want them to do your hair. Hopefully they accept instruction and they can learn how you like your hair done. i have had experiences however of people who were slighted by my instructions and ended up causing some havoc on my head… but on the most part it has worked.

  • Do as much as you can by yourself.

I do this mostly because I am extremely tender headed and for some reason even the gentlest hair stylist apart from less than five manage to do my hair without me experiencing some level of discomfort. I find for instance if I am going to straighten my hair with heat, I wash, condition, treat and detangle my hair at home by myself or have B do it than I just go for straightening. In cases I am going for a flat ironing experience, I will do everything apart from the flat ironing.

Simple chunky twists that I tucked in
  • Don’t do everything on the same day

This is specifically for my tender-headed folk out here, try and not undo, detangle, wash, straighten and braid on the same day…because the resultant headaches are so real…. pick two or three from the list for one day and let your scalp rest in between.

Hopefully these tips make your salon experience better.

Also this post here is another opinion on why salons can be a little tricky.

What other tips make the experience better?

love and love


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