August gratitude diary

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This month has been an internal roller coaster of trying to ease back into regular programming as far as life is concerned. I have been really fighting some variation of impostor syndrome and inferior feelings… And I have had to face my self perception. It’s not been as depressing as it has been confusing though…. Imagine being happy and feeling fulfilled on one day then waking up the next wondering why you are still here.

Coupled up with that, I have been having a really hard time expressing myself and opening up because I feel very protective of myself and my space in a pseudo obsessive way…. Which means I have been keeping a whole lot of issues that bother me inside hence constantly feeling overwhelmed.DSC_0108

Anyway, because this is our gratitude diary… We can talk about some positives that happened this month. I started a YouTube channel which I talked about here and alot in my newsletter. Really grateful to be able to share content in a different platform. Be sure to subscribe.

I am sliding back to regular posting and perhaps into my career… Feeling grateful for being able to take a break to rest and learn a few things which I hope will be useful for my new journey.

Watch today’s video here… And check back every week for more.

How has August been?

Love and love


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