Intense skin care routine for acne prone skin

I am very diligent and extra with my skin routine but sometimes when I travel I fall off regular scheduling or the change in environment causes my skin to break out.

Not only travel but also times and seasons sometimes even within a single month especially around my time of the month. Resultantly, I have this little skin care routine that I embark on for short periods of time to try and re-center my skin.

I have shared my skin care routine here and here….andwill be sure to update it soon.

It is an six step intense process that happens at night because I only cleanse my face once a day now.

1. Cleanse

I cleanse with my art naturals sulfate free cleanse for oily and acne prone skin. I have found this to be the only cleanser my skin has taken a liking for… I may use it in conjunction with a facial spin brush or pass the brush.


2. AHA mask

I picked up this alba botanicals 6% AHA mini peel mask from healthy U six months ago, and I can’t wait to get my hands on another. It’s gentle enough to use quite often but gets the job done. Read about benefits of AHAs here and find out why I introduced them into my skincare.DSC_0008

3. Clay mask. Preferably with BHA

Because the mini peel does a great job exfoliating my dead skin cells, I use a clay mask which is known for its excellent deep pore cleansing abilities… My two favorite ones currently are the Garnier charcoal mask (which has 2% salicylic acid hence boosts its deep pore cleansing ability) and the art natural clay maskDSC_0012

4. Toner

Toning helps rebalance the skin pH and is your first step of reintroducing moisture back into your skin. I like to pick my avalon organics vitamin c toner also because of the added vitamin C and the fact that it’s in an opaque bottle which means my vitamin C is active. Yey!!DSC_0011

5. Serum

Serum is the next intense course of moisture that I tap into my skin to continue in our little moisture ritual. Still trying to find a ride or die brand but I am currently using a natural logic trio consisting of a 2.5% retinol serum, hyaluronic acid serum and a a vitamin C serum because you can never have enough of vitamin c.DSC_0130

6. Moisturizer / oil

In the event that I want to attain my apex moisture levels, I add my rose hip oil whose benefits are here.DSC_0013

Otherwise I pick up my Dr Organics vitamin E cream or the mineral clay moisturizer.

I do this for about a week alternating with my normal skin routine.

Here is a visual representation of this….

love and love


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