September gratitude diary

I am a little late on this seeing as we have already spilt on to October… My last week of September was quite the roller coaster. Since September has been the month where we eat our frogs…. I had to deal with the more urgent matters first then come here a little later.

So this month, we tried our level best not to procrastinate and better still give import tasks the priority they deserve. This saw us do quite some Architecture… And rearrange our editing and blog schedule. I am still trying to find a balance and figure out how I want to run things on my social media platforms.

That being said, I am really grateful for productivity this month…. For the first time in about seven months I have gotten a lot done…. And been consistent which is amazing. The cool thing about being consistent is that it builds your confidence…. Which begins this productivity cycle.

Also grateful for my bestfriend’s birthday….he turned a year older and I cannot begin to express how much of a help he has been in my life.

I am carrying the frogs principle to the next month and hopefully we can figure out how it becomes a habit. The not so nice part however is the little burn out I experienced and am still experiencing….. Hence there is no new video on my YouTube channel today.

You can still catch up on the channel and subscribe while you are at it.

Love and love


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