Feeling good enough

It’s been quite a week for me. You know how life has ups and downs… Or good days and bad days? It’s been a bit of the downs, lows and bad days around here. Maybe bad days is over stating it or being unnecessarily dramatic… But that’s how my mind is recording it.

It is a little funny to think that I made this video about how I feel good enough especially in the Internet age…. And a few days later needed. To visit and listen to my own advice. Isn’t that the beauty of life though? That your okay days can create something to get you through the days when you are far from OK?

So today I wanted to share with you (while I watch) this little video of how you can feel good enough… And some practical ways I apply that to myself.

My favorite point, and perhaps arguably the hardest is point six… So make sure you get to that😊.

Also share with me how you manage to feel good enough in the comments below.

Love and love


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