Skin care product empties

If you have been wondering what’s my favorite thing in the whole wide world… Then this post is for you (just kidding) If you have been part of my family for a while you know how I am obsessed and absolutely bananas about skin care.

So in today’s post I am going through some of my skin care and giving you a brief review and deciding whether we are going to keep them in our stash or not.

I really enjoy watching and making this kind of videos and content because I find them very useful and it’s also cool when somebody tries something and you don’t have to spend your money to try something that will not work on your skin or might not work on your skin.

So here is my little video on my skin product empties and hopefully you can pick a product or two that you have tried or that you were wanting to try and hopefully gives you some perspective on the product.

Also please share your reviews on product that you have used especially if they’re here in this video to help someone else make an informed decision.

Love and love


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