Exploring our relationship

A new post is probably the new way I get to remind you that the weekend is here. Hope you are having a good time really. Because the monthly gratitude diary is coming up, I will save my emotions for that one. Meanwhile have you caught up with the gratitude series?

So a while back, B and I sat down to explore a bit of our emotional connection. I am one of those people who strongly believe in being emotionally in sync with your partner and also continuously evaluating the connection to see if there are things that you need to improve.

We are such strong pro-evaluation and pro-honesty in having difficult conversations, just to make sure nobody is left alone in the couple space…. Because it’s really possible for that to happen. It’s something that we have had to work through over the years and it gets easier to have the hard conversations as you grow. (the irony)

Anyway, before I rumble too much, here is a little video where we answer five questions that explore our emotional connection.

Hope you like it.



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