I took an Instagram break

So I took a social media cleanse this weekend. To be absolutely honest and 💯 transparent I was tired. I talked a little about my exhaustion here. So after my regular Friday posting I exited the platform.

I took an Instagram break. Just Instagram because it’s the platform I spent the most time on. My strategy was simply to rest (which translated to more day naps) and to catch up on creative content which I needed to learn and get inspired from. So no endless scrolling.stair-2

I must say it was really wholesome and interesting. I ended up learning a new thing in editing and getting courses on udemy which is a fantastic e-learning website. Of course I caught up on my naps. I literally slept every day this weekend something that I never do. I did however resultantly struggle with sleeping at night on Saturday (my sleeping pattern is messed up).

Thinking of making breaks especially weekend breaks a thing. In a future post I will share with you how to take a meaningful break and why a break may be what you need.





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