A gem in Diani

If you haven’t already realized from my Instagram posts, I could be slowly turning into an island/ a beach babe faster than I actually thought. The obsession is actually real, so real that I can dare say Diani is my absolute favorite place.

I have shared a couple of ways you can get there and places to stay in case it tickles your fancy for the holidays here and here *hint, this was where I got engaged* . Also some saucy pictures on this post. Today’s post though is a property tour of one of the most amazing houses we have been to on the coast of Kenya and we had to share.

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2019 was the year I decided to pay attention to my self talk. I took all the help I could get and mastered the courage to catch myself putting myself down… IIt was damn hard at first, because I also didn't want to be the person giving myself more credit than I deserved… 🙅‍♂️ I am very enthusiastic about self care and the importance of being self aware… Because it's more important than we give it credit for. 🧖‍♀️ It sets us up not only for how we treat others but also ourselves…and sometimes that is the only thing that stands between us and our glow and happiness (this and money 😂) 🔹 I don't know about you, but it feels amazing when the smile comes from deep down and you know that you are truly happy. ☺

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I shared the location details in the description box of the video on my channel.



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