We are doing Vlogmas!!!

Can you feel my excitement? So this year I decided to be a little bit extra on the channel and add an extra video every week for this festive season. I have been working hard on topics that cover base for my channel so best believe that it’s going to be lit.

Here is day 1. We talk morning routines and how beneficial they have been to me…. Plus I show you how my typical morning looks like. You definitely don’t want to miss it.

Check out the video here. While at it don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.

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The best mornings are the ones spent by the beach sipping some coconut water and enjoying the views and getting some much needed vitamin D… Hit like if you agree…… But not all mornings are made equal… ☀ That doesn't mean that your morning has to suck. I started to take charge of my mornings a while ago… And I have shared some simple steps I do to take care of my mental and physical health in the morning… 🕺 This begins our #justherChristmas series on the channel… I post twice a week now, every Tuesday 1400hrs EAT and Friday 0800hrs EAT on YouTube. I have a link in my bio for you to subscribe so that you don't miss a video. 🎬 🔹 #vlogmas2019 #justherChristmas #morningroutine #holidayseason #justherke #subscribe

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