Being intentional in our relationship… A conversation.

Merry Christmas everybody I hope you have amazing holidays and hugging the people that you love the most. The climax of our just her Christmas series is finally here…. I am so glad that we made it to the end

So this is a two part series that I am going to link then I will link below. B and I sit to reflect in our relationship and just think about all the times that we have been intentional and we therapist to shape the way our relationship will go and how effective it has and beneficial to our growth as a unit and our growth as individuals.

I think it’s a very important discussion to have with your significant other or is your partner because in the end relationships are supposed to make you better and make your life better. So I hope after watching this video you were gonna have that very important that down especially because it’s the end of the year and you know charter your path for the next year and your relationship goals for the rest of your life.

Hope you like it.



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