Happy 2020!!!

Happy new year fam, welcome to another year of journeying with me on the blog. Thank you for hanging out with me in the past year, I am super grateful for you choosing me and commenting and liking my content.

How are you doing? And how are you feeling this 2020? Talk to me in the comments section.

So this year, I want this space to be a more vulnerable and intimate space where we let loose and talk about how we feel and our perspectives on various aspects of life. Hope we can achieve that. Also in the same spirit, if you are interested in guest writing for me, you can reach out to me through my blog contact form.

This year’s series will hopefully be so much more lit, and we get to have our long chatty post once a month plus the gratitude diary as our check in at the end of every month. Every week we will have YouTube videos that are equally as informative and hopefully fun too.

If you are new here, remember to join my email list and subscribe to my YouTube channel as well.



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