My 2020 vision board

I finally got round to actually put fortogether my vision board for the year 2020. I am literally dancing and jigging as I write this,because its really refreshing to transfer the dreams on to paper and create space for their execution.

I wrote a blog post, in fact two blog posts in this regard in the past. You may want to visit them. This one was how to make a hard copy vision board and I used pretty simple stationary that you can grab at your local supply store. This on the other hand is a soft copy one for you who like me are on the go a lot more and you need to keep seeing your vision board.

So here is my 2020 vision board video. Hope you enjoy watching it and it can inspire you to make one too.



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Been thinking real hard about the importance of enjoying the journey… You see, in the new year excitement, we dream of where we will be and we postulate about how amazing things are going to be… And we are so pumped… But when the work begins, we quickly get discouraged by the present and the journey that takes us to that eventual glory… 🔹 It's a normal human response… And granted not everyday will be a high… And I am learning to enjoy the journey and process of becoming…. Celebrating small wins and finding joy in the work…. Most importantly, worshiping (GOD) and being still through the journey rather than in spite of the journey. ❤️ #2019reflections #iambecoming #babysteps #newyearsamejourney #snippetsofhope

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