De-clutter and organize with me for the new year

Hitting 2020 with a bang? That is the idea actually. So forgive me if I come across as extra. I have worked so hard to get here lol. This year I decided to start my year and by extension the decade in a more thorough manner, the first of which was to get my environs in order.

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My overall feeling that I put for the year is CONFIDENCE… (it's in my vision board, video link in the bio) 📹 This may come as a surprise to a couple of people, but I am not the most confident person out here. In fact I barely am… And I see it everyday in all the opportunities and potential opportunities that I have cowed away from because I thought I wasn't good enough… 👠 So this year I decided to focus on growing my confidence… Part of the plan is to take on new challenges… The other part is to learn how to accept compliments and celebrate small wins. 🔹 All this to say…. My heart is full ❤️… Just wanted to say thank you for supporting my social media platforms. Super grateful ❤️ ❤️ #celebratingsmallwins #gotto100subs #cheerstogrowth #thankyou

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In this video watch me go through my product stash and carefully weed to ensure only quality and products within their rightful dates remain in my stash. Hope you enjoy the video.



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Just a girl. passionate about life, love, art, architecture and HIM. In all things give thanks.

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