Taking a break?

Did I dissappear? Well maybe not so much here as in the other platforms. I hit an all time high in efficiency only to come crushing in a burn out this week. I have everything from a meltdown to being restless to being very agitated and irritable.

So I decided to take a little break off the internet to focus my energy on some pressing matters that were in my daily life. The cool thing is, I got them done and had just had enough energy to get them done. The con however is the fact that they drained me so much I barely had energy left to take care of myself.

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My overall feeling that I put for the year is CONFIDENCE… (it's in my vision board, video link in the bio) 📹 This may come as a surprise to a couple of people, but I am not the most confident person out here. In fact I barely am… And I see it everyday in all the opportunities and potential opportunities that I have cowed away from because I thought I wasn't good enough… 👠 So this year I decided to focus on growing my confidence… Part of the plan is to take on new challenges… The other part is to learn how to accept compliments and celebrate small wins. 🔹 All this to say…. My heart is full ❤️… Just wanted to say thank you for supporting my social media platforms. Super grateful ❤️ ❤️ #celebratingsmallwins #gotto100subs #cheerstogrowth #thankyou

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But I am coming round slowly, beginning at the fact that I made time for my January hair treatment. Now onto better time management and always remembering to take a break.

How has your week been?

Love and love


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Just a girl. passionate about life, love, art, architecture and HIM. In all things give thanks.

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