Dinner please?

Thank you for the love that you continuously show to my work and my little posts on here and in my other social media channels. Its really heart warming to make friends and connect to a community of people who share and relate to my experience. To be completely frank with you I have been a little discouraged from time to time and have felt so small  because it wasn’t that apparent that anyone read my posts or watched my videos. I am slowly coming back to the space and hopefully we can grow the family even more. Read More

Exploring my style journey

I enjoy watching the Try guys on YouTube in fact its probably my current online obsession that I keep up with very religiously.(lets not talk about religion here… but you get the drift) … I identify with most of them on individual aspects of my life, but this particular instance I must say I feel like Ned the most….touching on his struggle with style and confidence in fashion. Read More

Room make over shopping

I have always wanted to create a little sanctuary in my home. A place where I can want to come home to , basically a relaxed space. Earlier this year when we moved house, I started figuring out what I would like that space to look like and morph into. Read More

Happy valentines!!

Growing up, Valentines wasn’t such a big deal, well at least not to me. I just remember people wearing red and exchanging flowers… Fast forward to when I fell in love and had something to celebrate…

Read More

Travel on a budget: Air BnB steals

Mid way through last year B and I discovered airbnb.com. I cant quite recall the circumstances under which we did, but we stumbled upon it. Now our favourite pass time includes discovering new property on the site and exploring peoples homes when we have the time and the budget allowance. Read More