Travel on a budget: Air BnB steals

Mid way through last year B and I discovered I cant quite recall the circumstances under which we did, but we stumbled upon it. Now our favourite pass time includes discovering new property on the site and exploring peoples homes when we have the time and the budget allowance.

I must tell you though, that there is something amazing about staying in peoples homes. It is not only eye opening in terms of what you want out of a home but also its incredible to see what people are doing in terms of home construction. I am not sure this is fascinating to you, but I may be biased because I have a training and an interest in construction.

Remember this post where we talked about budget? and this one where I showed you  one of the properties? well we have another one..but first catch up on this.

That being said, I do like to take you vicariously from time to time on this little trips with me. So this week on the channel I shared one of them…have a look.





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