Room make over shopping

I have always wanted to create a little sanctuary in my home. A place where I can want to come home to , basically a relaxed space. Earlier this year when we moved house, I started figuring out what I would like that space to look like and morph into.

If you had a look at my vision board I shared some design inspo on there of what I wanted it to look like.Its not complete though, I still need to pick up a few bits and bobs then we can do a proper room tour and of course settle in to the new space.

I however did share some items in a haul video just for those who may be interested in knowing where the items were from.

Hope this is useful to you.



2 thoughts on “Room make over shopping

  1. OMG can I just say I have found my blog twin!!!!!!!! Love your blog!! If you ever wanna collab please do let me know. Love and hugss


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