Exploring my style journey

I enjoy watching the Try guys on YouTube in fact its probably my current online obsession that I keep up with very religiously.(lets not talk about religion here… but you get the drift) … I identify with most of them on individual aspects of my life, but this particular instance I must say I feel like Ned the most….touching on his struggle with style and confidence in fashion.

My fashion sense has always been a matter of struggle to me from ever since I can remember. Possibly because I am a little on the plus size of life with a couple of proportion challenges.In fact I went on a little rant about this right here, the sentiments are pretty much solid. This year however our goal was to soak up some confidence in our style… a little more.Its a work in progress, we are revamping our wardrobe in little baby steps and facing the great fashion challenge.

I put together a little look book if I say so myself…of swimming outfits, because its one area that I have built confidence in. I literally went for the kill lol. Enjoy this little video.




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