Dinner please?

Thank you for the love that you continuously show to my work and my little posts on here and in my other social media channels. Its really heart warming to make friends and connect to a community of people who share and relate to my experience. To be completely frank with you I have been a little discouraged from time to time and have felt so small  because it wasn’t that apparent that anyone read my posts or watched my videos. I am slowly coming back to the space and hopefully we can grow the family even more.

We recently hit 100 blog subscribers and that is such a big deal to me. Kindly share with your family and friends my little blog. I will really appreciate.

So recently, B and I did dinner…where recently is two weeks ago. Thing is we never really get to do dinner dates as often. So when we do we really do the most on them, best believe. This here is one of those days where we captured the behind the scenes of this experience. Hope you enjoy.

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