Trying to maintain normalcy

I haven’t written a long post in a while, maybe because I have very bi-polar days….extremely pumped and ready on one day and super tired on the next. Working on finding a balance is a constant work in progress and with the emergence of the pandemic, has become a tad bit harder. The limitations in movement only serve to make it even worse….but we move. How have you guys been? I am constantly putting it in mind to remember to post here as often so that I make sure my blog family is fine and remind you that you can reach out if you are not….and also to make sure that you are constantly edutained by constant content.

This month I decided to do one video in a week to allow me to settle into the new normal that we are all facing… without overly stressing myself and checking up in my mental health. So I reduced my workload is manageable and that I produce quality content. I also adopted other cool habits to help me cope that I talked about here.  

One of the things that I have taken up is journalling. I have shared snippets of how I journal on Instagram…but a post is coming soon on the blog. I like to also record how I fare on with the daily habits on there and I thought it a good idea to bring you along on my day as I tried to follow my habit tracker…Literally testing how practical my habit expectations are…. take a look.

Hope you like it.




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