Insecurities and all

I kinda woke up at three in the morning. It was mostly because B got a hospital call for a CS of a patient who came in that morning… It’s technically something that I should be used to by now, but wakes me up all the time.

Just for a few minutes enough to kiss him before he goes. Today though I remembered the fact that I had a blog post to write, but the fact that there was no power just made me turn and sleep again… I enjoy days when I can sleep because sometimes I get so on edge that I am unable to sleep.

It’s now 10.00 am after cuddling and watching tiktoks for about an hour and a half and talking to mum for another half. Finally getting to it… Because I needed to open up about a particular feeling that I have been having. (trust me I have many).

I put up a skin care post yesterday at 1700hrs talking about developing a skin care routine. Usually I am nervous about putting information laden videos because I am not sure I can deal with the thought of making factual mistakes. When it comes to skin care, it’s a whole different world because a lot of the things are contentious and there’s multiple schools of thought around them. Just like nutrition. Also there is the fact of results, and the feeling that everyone making skin care videos needs to have impeccable, Jackie Aina like Korean glass skin. (I literally fit all those fads in one description)… Which is something that I don’t have.

I have had acne for most of my life as I know it and it seems to be yo-yo-ing. There are good days, which I never really usually notice… And then bad days which I fuss over quite a bit.

This week I have been having a break out that keeps breaking. It technically shouldn’t worry me because it’s also just a little post period and that’s fine and expected. But for some reason it is really getting to me… And is also super painful. And for a split second I really doubted myself putting up a skin care video when my skin won’t even listen to me and is getting out of hand. Of course I still feel not good enough to share with you skin care stuff… But I did.

Check it out.



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