Social distancing stories

Instead of bombarding you with my  regular schmegular posts of short pleasantries and then BOOM here is my video go watch and support a girl (which you should BTW because I am wondering how the hell people grow in these streets, which we will talk about on another day)…..I decided that this was going to be my outlet and my check in space. Its also less risky because a lot of people barely read anymore anyway lol. I hope you are keeping safe in these uncertain times of COVID-19 and you are not one of the psychos who think clapping for doctors will help boost their morale or prevent them from catching the disease.

That being said though, did I tell you how I am? Well okay for the most part. I have been unbelievably positive and settling in to the “new normal”.I have done a whole month of journal-ling…worked out  three out of four of the weeks of April. Basically doing well for myself. Did I say releasing a video or sometimes two every week? because I did that too. That was, until today…. In my search of productivity sometime this week, I undid my hair and today I thought to prepoo it. (if you do not know what that is, see here)Part of my prepoo usually includes onion juice….an amazing recipe I shared here. In the process of making it, my blender jug fell and broke into pieces. To say I was devastated was grossly understating it. Thing is, I don’t live in a major city and the nearest big supermarket where I can buy it is 2 hours away. We won’t even talk about social distancing and curfew rules….I just sat there and bawled my eyes out….But it felt good after that though. (B came and reattached the pieces so it works a bit)

Speaking of which, Yesterdays supper making  efforts were rudely interrupted by the gas ending (is that even a word? My social distancing brain is tired!!) ….but that is  for another day. Today I will leave you with this skin care video…because after I tell you such good stories you will return the favor by supporting a girl no?




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