Never miss a workout

Today I pass by really quickly to share something small with you all. I have been having multiple technical challenges which did not allow me to tell you my usual story before I plug in my little video creations for you to support by viewing and providing feedback. So I promise we will revisit this one during the week.

The point of this particular blog post is to provide support material for the video that is going out today which is how I worked out on the particular week. I have provided the list of movements and workouts that I did ….and also giving you a printable for you to fill in your workouts just to help you keep track as you keep working out.

Here are my moves for last week…

never miss a workout Final

You can now fill in yours like mine weekly too. Click here to download your very own copy of the fill in your work out absolutely free.never miss a workout worksheet

never miss a workout worksheet

This is how it looks like and you get to keep track of all your workouts weekly.

Hope this is helpful.




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