Getting stranded…Quarantine stories

I’m kind of tired as I try to write this or maybe dictate this now that this Google app can actually record for me my blog post. Let’s actually see how far this goes before B wakes up because he is currently snorring just next to me. I hope you guys are doing well I’m making it a point to keep asking whether you are because this pandemic times are so unpredictable anything can happen. You can of course let me know how you are holding up in the comments below.

So I finally uploaded the workout video on my YouTube channel which you should check out by the way and it felt good to be able to share something that has been incredibly personal until this point. I feel like I may share bits and pieces of the journey when I see fit but it mostly will be my personal and private journey but it was hard to be able to take you along some of my workouts or you know just to encourage you to keep working out.

That being said, we were supposed to catch up on this week’s story I think I left it from last week’s post… Making dinner. So last week, B and I decided that we were going to have ugali for dinner and we set out to prepare it. Unbeknownst to us, our gas was just about to end…. And since we keep the gas outside the house we never really keep tabs of it, which clearly we should have been. Halfway through my dinner cooking escapades, I notice the fire just beginning to wane… And only because my egg wasn’t browning fast enough. But this doesn’t phase me because my ugali is cooking just fine. This was like 8:30 p.m. Just to give you some context, in Kenya since covid-19 became a thing we have been under some sort of quarantine that runs between 7 p.m. and 5a.m. So this being 8.30 p.m meant that we did not have any other way of getting any other means to obtain a new gas cylinder because anyway all shops would be closed.

Lucky for us though, the things were eating the ugali meal with which were eggs and vegetables were already ready so we just had to contend with under-cooked Ugali. Man, didn’t we learn a thing or two about being prepared for disaster. (we went and got ourselves an electronic cooker… Just to be safe next time)

Well, you’d think we learnt about being logistically pandemic ready….. but apparently not because all these years and all this time we’ve been living with the very tiny fridge. You see, we never really refrigerate anything or buy very long term fresh produce. That however changed this week, when my mum decided to surprise us and send us more produce than we had bargained for and we had to learn the hard way how to be prepared for long-term disaster. I have been googling how to preserve broccoli 🥦, cauliflower and basically how to try and keep my fruits from dying with a very small fridge. But we are surviving. What we didn’t manage to keep, we ate… so we’ve been on a very high caloric diet in order to salvage some of the produce.

How is this current in taking you do you guys have any clue seeds or logistical problems that you’ve encountered so far?

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Also here is a video form the channel that you may have not watched:




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