So emotional

I haven’t written here in about a week… Mostly because telling quarantine stories and writing in general requires a level of mental presence that I just didn’t have last week. You will probably see what I mean in a vlog coming to a channel near you. You can subscribe here.

I have been trying to get B some scrubs to wear to work as they are much more comfortable and he can just fulfill the look of the sexy doctor he is 😂. So I found this vendor online who happens to tailor make them Everything was smooth until he started becoming dodgy and fishy which technically a very tailor reputation. Man said he was going to send over the scrubs last Wednesday, after not meeting his deadline to begin with. We are still waiting here over a week later…

Anyway apart from that, I had an emotional breakdown last week. Everything was just not going right.. I filmed a whole video only to find out it was out of focus… Then a couple of communication mishaps just pushed me over… I literally spent most of the weekend crying and in bed, feeling ‘inadequate and upset’… I have never seen B that stressed. The poor soul thought he had done something wrong… But sometimes I guess everything piles up and you need to release all the pent up frustration…

Which was what happened… Many cuddles and hugs later… Here we are. How has your week been?

Catch up with this week’s upload…



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