Who sent this quarantine skin?

When quarantine began, everyone was gushing about how staying at home was going to have them take care of their skin and bodies and how they would be their fittest.

I on the other hand had such a hard time wrapping my head around the whole concept. Especially because, it was birthday month and B had taken leave so that we could have a little bonding trip.

Actually, restrictions happened when we were halfway to our trip, literally at our first stop… So we had to configure our way back “home” which was hella stressful and had us lose almost 3200kshs. So I was a ball of stress and anxiety from then on… I had a couple of sleepless nights and days when I would just bawl my eyes out… But that isn’t the point of this post

Along with stress came the worst break out I have had in a very long time. Maan! I didn’t know that I cared about my skin that much. I just felt myself really sink into depths of self esteem that I didn’t know existed. Of course I went into a frenzy of diet and skin care product change… Trying to get adequate sleep (which was a scam!! ☺).. And guess what.. It stressed me even more 😂.

So I decided to revisit my skin care routines and read more on a couple of things that I could do differently… Which I am still trying btw. But I keep wondering to myself… Who sent this quarantine skin though? Because, damn.

Anyway… Catch up with my latest vlog



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