Trying out a new skin care routine

We have been talking a lot on skin care lately. Well, that’s partly because it’s quarantine season and of course we have ore time to notice its of our life that we otherwise wouldn’t have, and also because we love skin care. On this post I told you how my skin care was coming along, and how I got a breakout from hell.

Well I decided to shake things up a little in terms of skin care routines. I wasn’t getting a new product but rather using my existing products correctly and most importantly more effectively. I say effectively because over time I had collected a bunch of products with active ingredients that I hadn’t bothered to read on their correct use and sometimes how I used them together made them not as effective. So I went back to the drawing board…rearranged them according to actives and their compatibility. I ended up with four catergories …

  • AHA (my glycolic acid products 5-10%)
  • BHA (all my salycylic acid products 0.5%-2%)
  • Niacinimide (I have the one from Deciem which is 10% with 1% zinc)
  • Retinol (I use cosmetic levels 2.5%)

I used a cheat sheet from  She really helped me understand how to arrange my products and has this amazing cheat sheet on her blog.

Meanwhile here is a blog where I show you some product reccomendations and how I use them in this routine. I also give you an update on how it has been going with my skin. Take a look.

If you are a more simple skin care routine person… this post here will be a more useful read.



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