The June spread is here!!! (free download)

This week has been a strange week, not only have I struggled with bouts of exhaustion…which is usually typical of a first week of workout resumption, I have also struggled to sleep. I feel like I am in the initial pandemic stages again (how I was emotionally then) and it makes me anxious about having to go to sleep. Of course, I am sure by now that you realize that it is a vicious cycle, some weird kind of inception. I have been tapping into B’s strength, hugs and cuddles to function this week. Also, have I told you how jealous I am of the fact that B can literally fall asleep anywhere and at an instant… I keep asking him how it feels to be GOD’s favorite.

Anyway ever since I introduced my baby to you, I have been receiving such amazing feedback from you and it makes me so happy. I am so uber grateful for the 70+ of you who downloaded the spread. Thank you so much for your support, it means so much to me. I thought we can make it a blog and channel tradition for the rest of the year.

*Cue this months spread*

The June spread has a post it notes theme. I thought it was a safe place to introduce color and some little fun bits and bobs. This month I decided to create two spreads just to give you a lot more variety in what you decide to do, and how creative you can get with it. There is a colored spread and an outlined spread for anyone who wants to insert their own color to it.  As usual I will be showing you fun how to’s like this , to help you make your spread a lot more fun and personal. I am so excited about this one!!!!!

You can click on the links provided below to download or on the Photo

June spread andscape

You can download the  COLOURED SPREAD HERE ……

…………………………………………..and for the OUTLINE SPREAD you can download HERE

June spread andscape creative

Here is a video of my personal Bullet Journal for some inspiration for the month of June. Please remember to SUBSCRIBE to my channel.



3 thoughts on “The June spread is here!!! (free download)

  1. Hey Nyake thanks so much for providing the June spread I was really looking forward to downloading it this time because I want to try something new and this is perfect for me thank you so much.
    Lots of love. God bless


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