My Quarantine wash day

I sat down a few days ago to edit some YouTube content for my channel and in the process got distracted by my blog. (haha such a corny thing to say) … actually, I was looking for some media that I wanted to include in the video, and that quest landed on my blog. I ended up reading through my past blog posts and I really miss writing. In fact, I intend to improve a couple of things around this blog, so watch out for that.

This week has been such a struggle… for starters, today is Wednesday and I haven’t set up my bullet journal for the week, life just passed me like that. I also injured myself sometime in the course of working out last week, and so Dr B advised that I take a breather for  a few. Its kind of devastating but necessary…so I am out here drooling at everyone who currently is working out.

Anyway, that’s our little update on how I am doing, and a quick glance at my quarantine experience so far.  Speaking of which, have you downloaded the June spread yet? You need to because over at Instagram we are doing some fun personalization of our Journals. …


For now check out this weeks post



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