Discovering Online shopping

I am seated here waiting for my mask to dry as i type this. My skin has been doing well actually. if you hang out with me regularly I assume you know that the term well is relative and applies to my skin as such. For more skin care stories read this post. I realize we haven’t told any quarantine story on here this month. I blame it solely on the fact that B is such a bomb mucene buddy that sometimes I forget that I haven’t told stories here. Frankly though, I am not complaining… he is such a bomb person to hang out with…plus he likes me so I will take it.

Anyway, so this month we discovered that a couple of shops, thanks to covid 19 nd G4S can finally ship out of Nairobi and specifically to our little town somewhere on the outskirts of South Kitui conservancy. I don’t remember us being so excited about something so much in our lives. (OK I lie…..a few months ago we got a fridge and B was so exited to make ice cubes, he literally put ice cubes in everything, even his tea lol ) But the point is we got excited so much so that we started to find all our favorite stores to see if they had online versions because why not.

Which quite frankly led us to a rabbit hole…Its interesting to see how accessible shopping has become and how convenient it is to be able to shop online. We did however run into a bit of shipping challenges. Some shops just decided to use some weird courier services that don’t even have offices in the shipping town, so we almost had our package get lost and ended up paying more in shipping for the parcel to reach my town from Kitui (1 hour away) than I did from Nairobi (5 hours away). In the same breath it was amazing to be able to shop from carrefour (I just needed my brown spaghetti) through Jumia and have the parcel dropped on the door step.

Hope you guys have been holding up well. Today’s video catch up plug is till part of the quarantine series….check it out. Remember to subscribe.



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