A little catch up

Welcome to July… I haven’t been saying hey in these streets for a bit. My mental space has been a yo-yo-ing mess and I haven’t been in the space to share much. I don’t want to say that I am back, but I am committing to chatting every week on here.

Tentatively every Friday. You can come here and we get to have a little chit chat on things that I have been thinking about.

I should introduce myself to my new family… (thanks so much for joining) My name is Nyake and for now I like to identify myself as a girl trying to curve out her space in this adulthood scam. I called it a scam just because I now realize that none of us were prepared for this at all. We didn’t have the financial literacy, the moral or even the emotional preparedness for this. Also because of the amount of things we have to unlearn and relearn. So, it should be right to say that I am in the process of unlearning and relearning core values of my life. Glad you can be part of my journey in this little space of the internet.

I just woke up from a mid-day nap because I can do that 😂 I was feeling a little anxious about this month and what it has in store. To be honest, beginnings freak me out a lot, so I usually have difficulty in concentrating and sleeping hence the fatigue I was feeling. So I lay down a bit, talking to B about my problems and brain storming (because I usually need to talk about my plans out loud) and fell asleep in the process. I feel rested and better right now. A little bit prepared to deal with my gripping fear of beginnings.

So my plan is to sit and get some planning going and figure out experiences that I want to share with y’all this month… Because I feel like bringing soulful moods on here…

Let’s talk about how I am dealing with my fear and self worth next week.

Meanwhile check out the July spread here.





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