Cuddles and shoulders…Difficult days

The story of how I met or rather started being close with my best friend is actually interesting. If you really want the full scoop check out our blog. ( haha we used to blog). I think about it and can’t help but notice how we unknowingly had the same kind of interests and circumstances. If I was superstitious I would definitely say that we were meant to be… But I am not…also our path just showed me that it wasn’t predestined but rather effort and intention. (That is definitely a story for another day) I digress.

Pretty early in our friendship, we realized (after time t, spent talking) that we had some emotional work and unpacking to do. This and also the fact that we were in two super demanding courses which were super long. Part of the challenge was also how these courses and the process would have you question your self worth and your whole existence. Remember last weeks post?


So one of the things that we established as a way to cope was to talk about it, because sometimes you just need to let it all out. And what better place to do so than in a safe listening ear. Talking became something that we did a lot of consequently…after class, early in the morning when we woke up, and of course the highlight which was Friday evening, These pre-sabbath talks especially were so lit because they included our then new tradition “potato fest’ which was an all you can eat potato celebration (mostly bhajia and masala…but initially it was all forms of potatoes).This helped us really get to know each other which is another adulting lesson/ quick (not so quick) tip to get to know someone better. Most importantly though, it opened the door to friend therapy session which is what I was talking about in last week’s post.

The past few moths have been  very introspective for me….mostly because quarantine afforded us a lot of time to think….and I have been evaluating and reflecting on self worth and how I have shaped my perspectives and outlook in life. These for me are very emotionally challenging conversations that I have with myself and have needed B to come in and listen and help me process these thoughts and channel them into plans of actions and conclusions that make sense. Due to the fact that we established a talking history, its been much easier and very helpful to tap into his insight.


I mentioned cuddles last week, because I love those….and its always easier to talk about deep feelings when you are comfortable. Its something we started where, when you had/ have something that is emotionally heavy or something that really hurts you and you were finding it difficult to talk about it, we (either of us) would make sure the aggravated party is comfortable…usually give them a shoulder to actually lay their head. It was also handy for wiping tears (mostly mine) whenever they cried. Which was the case in this post and this postlean-in. It is something we still do to date with cuddle and burrito blanket modifications… which are perfect to cocoon in which is our cue for next week’s post.

How do you cope with your hard days?

Here is our #supportagirl video  for today. Be sure to subscribe while you are there.



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