August Bullet journal spread (free printable)

I woke up tired today, I actually almost forgot that I had to put this up. Its been a hectic night. I woke up with a start st 0300hrs partly because B had to go to hospital and check up on a patient and also because I woke up with a cramp…which promptly announced my time of the month.

That being said however, here we are. After having a few technical difficulties yesterday, we have a new spread printable. Its amazing because for the first time our themes (in my personal journal and the printable) are actually the same. How cool is that? So because today is not the time for the story time post, I will keep it absolutely short and sweet and introduce you to the August spread.  

August spread

August spread

Click here or the image to download

Hope you like it and enjoy using it. If you would like it please support a girl by liking and subscribing to her YouTube channel and email list.

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