A little catch up + new bullet journal setup

I haven’t written here in a week because I needed a little breather…My feelings and hormones have been all over the place.

In fact, if I am to be totally honest, every day is a new exercise in finding myself…because I almost always feel lost. Its kind of sad that our 20s didn’t come with warning signs about how it would be difficult to navigate and find meaning to our lives. Been tapping into a lot of cuddles and affirmations to get me going. When I woke up this morning actually, I woke up defeated. I literally wanted to crawl back into bed and not do anything because of how horrible I felt.

This is my favorite set page on the set up.. it really reminds me to be accountable

I however decided to fight that feeling back by knocking off at least one habit on my habit tracker. I made my bed… (I was actually due for a linen change which I did) and that culminated into a whole hive of activity and getting my work done including this post. So yeyy!! I still have a bit to go through including some planning and setting up for the week and an evening walk.

I notice though that I didn’t share this week’s video, which is a guide to me setting up my new planner. I have gushed about it in previous videos but I finally got to start using it this month. I got the journal from this Instagram store which is currently the only space I know that actually stocks bullet journals in Kenya. It is a dot grid bullet journal which makes it easier for me to set up and draw free hand without the fear of parallax which has been a long standing struggle for me.

I went with a simple and functional monochromatic look so that I can be more adventurous in my monthly spreads…. Speaking of these, have you been checking out my monthly spreads? We have been doing some interesting art and lettering over there…

Been bettering our lettering …


In the video I promised an up-close to some of the important goal setting pages in there, here they are


I really liked how my set up turned out … In fact, check it out.



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