Skin care mistakes

If there is something that changes in my life, it is definitely my skin care routine. i am constantly learning and trying to implement everything that I am learning in order to give my skin the best experience.Learning means a few tweaks in products or methods .

So I started to revisit some of the videos that I have made before in an attempt to correct some errors that I have since corrected.  This is the first of a series that is possible infinite of learning skin care and I hope you are excited to do this with me.

In this video I tackle my errors in how I remove my make up, which was something that my skin was begging me to change just by how sore it was. I have since switched to using make up removing oils and balms which my skin thanks me for.

I also talk about how to correctly use your serum dropper and touch a bit on this post where I gave you a cheat sheet on how you an layer your products especially those with actives.


so without giving away to much, check the video out.



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