Things quarantine taught me

This will probably go up when I am on the road, I will probably be asleep or reading a book seeing that it’s going to take 6hours to finally arrive. You see ever since March when the curfew was announced which drastically cut short a little birthday get away that B and I wanted to have…

We have been in quarantine/ serious social distancing. We only went out to shop until recently when we began taking walks in the evening because I really needed to up my activity level. We have eaten out only once and that was very recently. In short we have just been at home together for the most part. (Most because B is an essential worker so he has to go to work).
Recently though, I noticed my concentration level and productivity level was really crap… And I knew I needed a break. I have been jokingly telling B how we are crazy and have forgotten how to live with people (we haven’t seen family or friends in 6 months) I thought my symptoms were bad until I noticed B’s depressed moods and struggle to sleep which are two things that he never experiences. So we decided to sneak away for a bit and change environment… Consider this my official end of quarantine?
To celebrate this, here are a couple of things I have learnt in quarantine
About skill…
At the beginning of quarantine everyone had this amazing zeal to learn a new skill. I unfortunately was not one of them. I don’t do very well in uncertain times, so I reduced my expectations and functionality to a minimum to accommodate what I had to do. What I however committed to was my distraction because I needed it. I picked art for my distraction and since I had started bullet journalling in February, I kept at it and threw my whole weight behind it. This birthed a whole series of content on my channel and free printable that are now a signature of this blog
About myself…
Sitting with my thoughts was not the easiest thing for me. Granted it was easier to escape them by covering myself in work and throwing myself behind schedules. Quarantine however slowed things down drastically and because there was no demand… I had to finally face my thoughts and learn to process them and to be with them I have arguably had the most deep and intimate conversations with B during this time and it’s amazing how much trauma we have uncovered in the process. I have also learnt to be still.
About my relationship
I didn’t know how much the whole “you need one friend in this life and you can face the world” actually meant until I couldn’t see anyone else. All I have had in person this 6 months has been B… If you thought we were obsessed, you really need to meet us now 😂 B and I have been through pretty shitty moments in the real though. If you ask me 2016 was probably the most isolating and intense moments of our relationship that really tested us. So quarantine for us was a cozying up space and having deep conversations. We have been exploring conversations around childhood trauma and exploring our past traumatic experience… It actually has brought us closer

About family … I haven’t seen most of my family since March… But I think it’s the best communication we ever had. My mum calls every week at least twice and has sent us a vegetable and fruit care box ever so often. My sisters and I call each other every week checking in on our skin care, diets etc. I really have felt love.

Anyway today is B’s birthday and we are taking some time to soak in some me time… So we won’t have a video up… So here is a little flashback video from our last date night.


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