3 basic skin care rules everyone should apply

Mondays are usually a struggle for me, infact, I stopped counting them as the first day of the week. Today however I decided to change the rhythm for this week. Actually, this is what happened. Last week was a DIFFICULT week, wueh! I shared part of it here in this post….the part that I did not share however was a little personal crisis that I fell into somewhere in the middle of the week. Hopefully I will find the right words for it to share soon, because I strongly feel that its a topic that needs to be shared. It ended up making me feel like I was the worst person in the world however, without even knowing why necessarily. Somewhere along the week though as I was sitting with my feelings and processing them, I got this strong resolve about my self perception that I can’t even explain…but that’s what is driving me this week.

So I woke up this morning and kissed B and for the first time in a while believed him completely when he said I am beautiful….and got a workout in. I was even intentional about the time my workout took and what I was working. Then uploaded a skin care series that I had been feeling nervous about…and that felt good. This post is actually to lead you there to check it out, but I wanted to share my headspace currently. How are you?

Here are three skin care rules that I believe everyone should follow…


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