basic skin care routine EP 2

I think the last time I was on here is probably 3 weeks ago. I decided to go on an unannounced break that if I am to be totally honest with you, I didn’t even anticipate. 2020 has truly been a year full of surprises and sometimes unwelcome ones at that. That is also how it is almost midnight and I am rushing to finish this blogpost so that I can try sleep. I genuinely hope you all have been doing well and perhaps even been busy so you didn’t miss me that much. Before we delve into my little skin highlight, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the support that you have been giving me on my platforms… I have felt so much love coming my way…. We even hit a whooping 200 subscribers o the channel…Can you believe it? (if you haven’t subscribed yet, you are missing out in the fun over there…and also, support a girl no?)

Thank you for your support

That being said, I shared in this post that I was starting a skin care series an I shared this video in which I was correcting my skin care mistakes on YouTube. The series has been going on on my Instagram handle and if you haven’t been keeping up, you are missing some good skin care information. In episode 1 we laid a foundation on some basic skin care truths that are important as you start the journey, You can check that here. Then built up a routine in episode two. We established a skin care routine at a very basic level. Check it out

Then last week, we talked about how to build a skin care stash and the three ways you may go about it….

Building a skin care stash

I hope you will find these videos helpful as you catch up on the series. I have a couple of posts lined up and hopefully you enjoy them.


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