my am skin care routine video

I am hoping that you caught up with my basic skin foundation post that I shared here.…if you haven’t already, that would be a good place to start . Today however I just wanted to take you with me while I do my skin care….and chat a little about my steps. Let’s get right into it

My skin care has changed over the years and it will probably continue to change as I learn new things about my skin and good skin care practices. Right now because of my oily skin and constantly managing acne, I have resulted to having a very simple skin care routine. It is a three to four step routine in the morning, just because I don’t do a lot of skin intense treatments in the morning. here are my four steps

  1. Cleansing

I prefer to use a gentle cleanser in the morning because my skin doesn’t like intense routines. They tend to irritate my skin. after much research I found this Simple refreshing cleanser at Goodlife pharmacy that I particularly enjoy using and it doesn’t dry out my skin. I also keep the cleanser on for 30-60 seconds and gently massage my face to give my skin enough contact time with the product.

2. Toner

I like to incorporate my toners as much it isn’t a necessary step because it helps present actives to my skin but also restore some hydration to my skin. I love the Simple soothing toner because my skin absoutely loves it and takes well on it.

3. Moisturiser

To work back moisture to my skin, I apply a moisturizer as I discussed in this video. during the day I like to use a light weight moisturizer and sometimes a serum so that I don’t turn my whole face into a grease ball. My current favourite is the alba botanica even advanced daily cream that is both light weight and moisturizing.

4. Sunscreen

This dare I say is the most important step in your skin routine because it is also a preventative measure for skin damage. My current is the Dr C Tuna sun lotion spf 50 though I am hoping to try out other formulations.

What is your skin routine?


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